Free Again!

Free Again!

Track List (Samples on iTunes, CDBaby, DigStation)

1. Up A Lazy River  
2. Down by the River  
3. St. James Infirmary Blues  
4. Wind and Rain  
5. I Cannot Justify  
6. Shakedown on 9th Street  
7. Talk to Me  
8. Awaiting You  
9. For the Good Times  
10. You Took Advantage of Me  
11. Avé Maria  


Megan Mullally - vocals, cardboard box, chains in a bowl, plastic egg, moral high ground

Joe Berardi - drums, percussion, flotsam and jetsam, Manly Atmosphere

Greg Kuehn - acoustic piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, Farfisa organ, toy piano, harmonium, acoustic guitar, finger bass, percussion, back-up vocals

Doug Livingston - pedal steel, Sousaphone, bass, organ, percussion

Stuart Mathis - acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, percussion, back-up vocals

Piotr Jandula - viola, percussion

Larry Williams - trumpet

John Clemens - Technical Director, Live Sound Engineer, Lighting Designer, Mediawrangler.

Free Again!

"Lush vocals and unique arrangements applied to the greatest storytelling songs across many genres. It's post modern cabaret-gone-mad, drawing from the best elements of blues, pop, roots-country, traditional folk, rock, and classical."

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